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Our Primary Goal

“To provide gainful livelihood and employment opportunities to all its members and promote technologies that would allow greater mobility to Persons with Disability”

Problems and Issues
The issue of economic independence for the differently-abled persons (DAP's) is focused on how to survive on a day-to-day living. Having impairment keeps DAP's trapped in the doorway of poverty. For all these times, all they're asking is a BREAK.
While programmes and initiatives for DAP'S is focused on providing essential services for the start-up livelihood and promote welfare of persons with disabilities, social discrimination and social insecurity still exist among ranks. In the absence of a supportive environment for DAP, to live a normal life, is to struggle against the cycle of poverty.
Social security for the DAP means that they can exercise their choices safely and freely and they are relatively confident that the opportunities they have before (sic-impairment) are not totally lost tomorrow.
The limit access to technology and participation in economic activities of the choice dampen their enthusiasm and lower their self-esteem and motivation.
The weak implementation of Republic Act 7277 (Magna Carta Law for Persons with Disability) and insufficient support from the various sectors further aggravate mendicancy and poverty incidence within their ranks

About The Web Site...

This site was developed to provide visitors of the Association of Differently-Abled Persons in Iloilo Multi-Purpose Cooperative the chance to understand the purpose of our existence and to know individual members. It was also created to give visitors an initial glimpse of our Province (ILOILO) and country (PHILIPPINES) and her people.

The page contents and lay out was written, created and published by Louie Arches Posa, Co-Founder (ADP-ILOILO NGO 1990), past Chairman Of the Board (ADPI-MPC 2005 - 2008) and the present Manager (January 2011). Contribution, comments, suggestions and inquiries are encouraged. Please forward all communications to:

Louie Arches Posa

Association of Differently-Abled Persons in Iloilo Multi Purpose Cooperative

Association of Disabled Persons-Iloilo (NGO)

Washington/Benedicto Streets
Jaro, Iloilo City 5000

Office: (63/33) 329-2871
FAX : (63/33) 508-1179
Home: (63/33) 329-3749
GSM : +639216402044


Since January 2008 


  • Economic Inependence
  • Overcome Daily Challenges
  • Equal Opportunity


Philippine Republic Act 7277 Magna Carta for Disabled Persons

Calamity Hits Us (Typhoon Frank) We Appeal for Help

NOTE: Research to various web sites that illustrate The Province of Iloilo and our country Philippines was used as reference for information provided in this site. Inside, you will also find links to other interesting sites about Persons With Disabilities (PWD’s) in Iloilo and other individual members of ADPI-MPC.

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