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ADPI-MPC Administrative services coordinate and direct the many support services that allow our organizations to operate efficiently. They perform a broad range of duties. They oversee secretarial and reception services, administration, payroll, conference planning and travel, information and data processing, mail, materials scheduling and distribution, printing and reproduction, records management, telecommunications management, supply, recycling, and disposal. They manage support services for ADPI-MPC diverse organizations.

Louie Arches Posa
General Manager


General Manager

A General Manager has broad, overall responsibility for the Cooperative. Whereas a manager may be responsible for one functional area, the General Manager is responsible for all areas.

He manages through subordinate manager or supervisors.
A General Manager has the power to hire, fire, or promote employees.

A General Manager is responsible for higher level planning and often responsible for the overall strategic planning and direction of the cooperative and leaves the day-to-day management of the various functions to the managers or supervisors.

Joy C. Senador
Accounting Head


Accounting Finance Department

Financial managers oversee the preparation of financial reports, direct investment activities, and implement cash management strategies. Managers also develop strategies and implement the long-term goals of ADPI-MPC.

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks are ADPI-MPC financial record keepers. They update and maintain accounting records, including those, which calculate expenditures, receipts, accounts payable and receivable, and profit and loss. These workers have a wide range of skills from full-charge bookkeepers that maintain ADPI-MPC entire COOP books to accounting clerks who handle specific tasks. All of these clerks make numerous computations each day. They and increasingly comfortable using computers to calculate and record data.

Xerxes J. Gulmatico
Administrative Officer


Administrative officer

Aids the operating manager and subordinate operating officials in getting things done through his knowledge of and skills in dealing with organization, methods, funds, people, equipment, and other tools or resources of management

Rhea Badana
Credit Department


Purchasing Officer


Procurement clerks compile requests for materials, prepare purchase orders, keep track of purchases and supplies, and handle inquiries about orders. Usually called purchasing clerks or purchasing technicians, they perform a variety of tasks related to ordering goods and supplies for ADPI-MPC. They make sure that what was purchased arrives on schedule and meets the purchaser’s specifications.

Accounting Clerk

Payroll and Timekeeping

Payroll and timekeeping clerks perform a vital function: ensuring that employees are paid on time and that their paychecks are accurate.

Margarita S. Sillo



Cooperative treasurers play a vital role in improving and maintaining the financial standing of the cooperative. By overseeing their cooperative’s financial and risk management activities, cooperative treasurers attempt to ensure the most favorable market conditions for its activities.

Ranging from undertaking general financial management to making strategic decisions on funding and risk management at more senior levels, this is a varied and responsible role with increasing opportunities.

Cooperative treasury refers to treasury activities carried out in the cooperative using financial products to support their main business.

Evangeline Montefrio
Human Resource/Information


Human Resource

ADPI-MPC organization wants to attract the most qualified employees and match them to jobs for which they are best suited.

ADPI-Multi Purpose Cooperative