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Quotes, Tribute and Compliments to ADPI-MPC
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This page paid tribute to people who shared some wonderful thoughts about ADPI-MPC. It is so inspirational for us to meet this people and had a chance to talked to them about our needs and our goals in creating the cooperative for persons with different disabilities.

It is also encouraging to share quotes and articles by famous people who face difficulties in their lives like learning disabilities and other differences.

We may read some inspiring words attributed to members by some fellow members and associate.


In the words of Secretary Augusto "Boboy" Syjuco, Director-General of the Technical Education and Skills Authority(TESDA)
"Ang kapigaduhon, kaimulon kag kasablagan sa lawas indi na sarang kabalabag sa katumanan sa inyo handum para sa inyo kaugalingon kag inyo pamilya. Ang TESDA kag si Presidente Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo yara bilang hagdan sang sina nga katumanan. (Poverty and disability will not hinder our dreams for yourselves and your families. TESDA with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo are there to serve as your ladder for success and ladder for the realizations of those dreams.

Quietly yet with seeming precision, Bob wheels in his wheelchair looking through the painting job of young women ADPI-MPCmembers in their late teens to early 20s. All deaf-mute yet loudly sending the message in every neatly-painted wood that will make for the back rest of the steel chairs.

A Special Report By Florence F. Hibionada


TESDA Region VI Director Buen "Bokbok" Mondejar

TESDA is most happy and willing to link up with the hardworking ADPI-MPC men and women. Those without the skill TESDA provided the training and scholarship.

"I am most happy to have helped made them self-reliant and productive partners of the society and the government. This is the legacy I am leaving them,"

Mario Abaygar, National President of the NFCPWD correspondingly serves as the General Manager of the ADPI Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Jun Villanueva, Member ADPI-MPC

I am better off having visual impairment than being normal before. I mean comparing income today than yesterday. My extensive training as masseurs help me a lot to survive. I have sent all my children to schools and enjoying having grandchildren now.

ADPI-Multi Purpose Cooperative