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How To Donate

The Emergency Coordinating Council for Persons with Disabilities has opened a trust account to receive cash donations for calamity victims.

Our Disaster Funds Bank Depository:

Land Bank Of The Philippines
Jaro Branch
Account Name: ADPI-MPC
Account Number: Savings Account 3291-0969-47
Swift Code: TL-BPPHMMAxxx

Our Disaster Relief and Aid Center:

DTI Training Center
Washington/Benedicto Streets
Jaro, Iloilo City 5000

How To Support:

ECCPWDs welcomes support from donor agencies and organizations to fund projects geared towards the rehabilitation of flood-stricken communities and for individual Persons with Disabilities.

Such us:

The creation of sustainable livelihood projects for affected PWDs households.

Support or upgrade livelihood productivity for PWDs households.

Support Job opportunities and service contracts (e.g. more contract for ADPI-MPC Productivity Center).

Support PWDs entrepreneurial projects.

Promote and support training and development for sustainable livelihood activities.

EEC-PWD Coordinating Staffs
AD-HOC Committee 1st Meeting

Delivery of Ordered Goods For Relief

Helping Stacking Goods

Rey, Pres. Of ADPI-NGO Helping With The Packing

ECC-PWD Coordinating Staffs
AD-HOC 1st Committee Meeting

Checking The Goods

Xerxes Making the 1st Packing

Making Sure Equal Share of Aids

ADPI-Multi Purpose Cooperative