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ADPI-MPC Creating Opportunities for Person with Disability Towards Economic Independence.




Association of Differently-Abled Persons in Iloilo Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ADPI-MPC) is a primary cooperative of persons with disability.


Association of Differently-Abled Persons in Iloilo Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ADPI-MPC) is registered with Cooperative Development Authority on May 2002, with Registration No. ILO-4162. The aim of the cooperative is to provide meaningful livelihood and employment opportunities and to promote technologies that would allow greater mobility to its members.


Persons with Disability (PWD), among others, are dealt with pity, looked upon as helpless and often taken for granted. Thus, more often than not, their sufferings are not so much from their physical disabilities but from society’s discrimination. But driven by a strong desire to redeem their self-respect and dignity, the ADPI-MPC ventures into marketplace with a physical disadvantage. Many successful entrepreneurs started off as poor; not too many started destitute and with physical disabilities. ADPIMPC was built on the decision of the early leaders to sustain them rather than rely on charity and subsidy. This decision drove them to search hard for livelihood opportunities. There were many good Samaritans along the way; fortunately, they were business minded Samaritans.


The current partnership with the local government and national line agencies (TESDA, DSWD, NAPC, DOH and Land Bank) in the province of Iloilo was a milestone to ADPMPC. ADPI-MPC further intends to consolidate and transform its project management practices into learning experiences, institutionalize and deepen members’ participation to development by creating new values code through building multi-stakeholders partnership, strengthening DAPs community security which provides cultural identity and reassuring sets of values.


ADPI-MPC is a viable, sustainable business and service-oriented cooperative; governed by committed, God-centered and empowered Persons with Disability; providing livelihood and employment opportunities; and promoting technologies that would allow greater mobility for PWDs that eventually improve and uplift the quality of life of its members.



ADPI-MPC, a socialized business entity looks for continuous building-up of its resources and marketing of quality products and services through establishment of productivity center; seek technical and financial assistance; come up with regular education and training programs for its members; conduct research and development of new technologies; and obtain collective efforts of members towards viability and sustainability.

Our Primary Goal

To provide gainful livelihood and employment opportunities to all its members and promote technologies that would allow greater mobility to Persons with Disability.


Our Core Values

Mobility - All of us who work hard must be afforded the opportunity to advance and participate fully in the economic, political, and cultural life of the nation, notwithstanding our status at birth.

Equality - We all must have full access to the benefits, responsibilities, and burdens of our society regardless of race, gender, national origin, or socioeconomic status.


Voice - We embrace democracy as a system that depends on the ability of all of us to participate, debate, and have real ownership in the public dialogue.

Redemption - We recognizes that humans are responsive and evolving beings, and that those who falter in their efforts or break societal rules warrant the chance for rehabilitation and redemption.

Community - We share responsibility for each other, just as we are responsible for ourselves. The strength of our people and our nation depends on the vibrancy and cohesiveness of our diverse communities.

Security - We are all entitled to the level of education, economic well being, health care, and other protections necessary to human dignity, without which it is impossible to access society’s other rights and responsibilities.



ADPI-Multi Purpose Cooperative